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 a.      Library/lab

Library/ Lab is an extension of the regular classroom for children to explore and enjoy age appropriate collection of fiction and non-fiction books and magazine, audio and video materials.

It also enhances their knowledge related to themes for the overall development of children. The children are assisted by the grade teachers in order to use these books and   materials.

The lab also has computers with software installed through which the teachers can evaluate their children’s real understanding of the subject matter as well as to give them practical knowledge. The lab also contains different material for the sensorial exercises.

 b.      Transportation

Springtree provides door to door van service to save the hectic and busy schedule of our parents. The timing and the route are provided at the beginning of each year. The school will provide parent’s identity card for the safety of the children. A child will not be handed over if this identity card is not made available in the van station.

 c.       Food Facility

 Springtree provides hygienic and healthy food at school. The menu for the food is planned in accordance to the nutritious need of the children of age 18 months to 6 years. Parents are made available with the food menu during the time of admission.

d.      Drinking Water

 Safe drinking water is provided in the school. Though this facility is made available, children are required to bring their own water bottle to school.

e.       Music and Movement IMG_6485 (Custom)

Music and movement complement our preschool curriculum. It is through music and movement that our children build different skill such as participating, expressing emotion, developing motor skill etc. It develops social and emotional skill that are highly essential for right upbringing

 f.       Audiovisual room

 Audiovisual is incorporated with the lesson for our children to have a better understanding of the theme they are learning. It helps to cater the musical and visual learners to learn in a way that stimulates their intelligence style.

g.      Prefab Swimming Pool

Considering the multiple health benefits of water activity, the school has a prefab swimming pool for the children to enjoy the water activities.

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h.      Indoor and outdoor play station

 Playtime is a vital part of a child’s growth and development and we won’t give a chance to compromise when it comes to your child safety. You will get 100% satisfaction and safety from our world class play equipments installment of highest quality in our school. The play activities both in outdoor and indoor allows the child to develop their motor skill, creative thinking, reasoning and socialization.

i.        Pretend Play Room

Pretend play plays a vital role in cognitive and social development of a child. Taking on different role allows children the unique opportunity to learn social skills such as communication, problem solving and empathy. Imaginative play also enhances the creativity and curiosity in a child. Springtree provides pretend play room for the children taking in consideration the different benefits of this play for the overall development of a child.