Our Curriculum

Our program

Springtree is a franchise of IPC (International Preschool Curriculum) which provides the curriculum to preschool all over the world. The curriculum is based on proven and peer reviewed concepts that include play, inquiry and objective based learning style, critical thinking, raise self awareness, promote an understanding of other cultures and encourage internationalism and multilingualism.

The IPC curriculum consists of 56 thematic units covering of 5 developmental domains. All units encompass six trans-disciplinary content learning areas: (1) Language Arts; (2) Socio-Emotional Skills; (3) Numeracy; (4) Creative and Visual Arts; (5) Sciences; (6) Fine and Gross Motor Skills.

The curriculum is also supported by learning aids and the famous children books.


Robin Phonics

The curriculum is also supported by learning aids and the famous children books.Robin Phonics is an early literacy program that focuses on 7 sets comprising of 42 letter sounds. The IPC has developed Robin Phonics as a proprietary program available exclusively to authorized IPC schools. The sets are based on the prevailing view that after successful blending and segmentation of the first set, students will be read and spell basic words.

Although not all preschool graduates are expected to read, Robin Phonics is intended at the very least to familiarize children with letter sounds and blend those sounds to form basic words.  By the end of set 7, successful children will be able to form basic 4 letter words and segment around one hundred 3 and 4 letter words used commonly in English vocabulary.


How it Works?
Blending & Segmentation

Our school will receive individual workbooks for each child focusing on a predetermined set of letters.  The workbooks will complement other activities in the curriculum and provide children with sufficient practice to trace, color and write each letter from each set.  Teachers are provided with instructions to reinforce phonemic awareness with a variety of fun and engaging teacher led activities. All classroom resources and books are included.